11+ &
Entrance Exams

These examinations differ, depending on where in the country you live. They select pupils to enter their schools in Y7. Many schools vary in the content of these examination and some create their own.

11+These are demanding examinations for which your child needs to work hard to meet the challenges set.

Tutors Today are highly experienced in preparing pupils to master these exams. Our specially-designed Entrance Examination programmes work on the specific type of exam(s) for your child's chosen school(s).

We track results and progress, and adapt lessons to ensure progression.

  1. Y5/6 Intensive 11+
  2. Y5 11+
  3. Y3 Pre 11+
  4. Y4 Pre-11+


We work on the specific type of examination, in areas including Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, Maths and English.

We provide weekly examination practice questions, alongside practice guidance in examination technique.

As our programme progresses, your child will develop in speed, accuracy and understanding - and will gain the knowledge and confidence to tackle questions which go above and beyond the work they may have encountered in mainstream schools.

Pre 11+

Our specific 11+ programmes from Y3-Y5 are designed to intensively train pupils in 11+ and Entrance Exam techniques.

Graded by year group, these provide thorough instruction on questions and technique.

Early practice ensures pupils are comfortable and confident with the exam style, and have a thorough understanding of how to tackle the questions in preparation for the exams.



SATs are National examinations taken at the end of both KS1 and KS2. Questioned are presented in a specific 'SATs' format which requires understanding.

We prepare students to be 'SATs-Ready' with individually tailored programmes of learning leading up to the examinations. This thoroughly prepares pupils in specific SATs examination question types and techniques.

We provide regular SATs practice asssessments for all KS1 and KS2 SATs, designed to mirror the examinations.
Results are monitored and tracked, to ensure consistent progress.

  1. KS2 SATS
  2. KS2 Pre-SATS
  3. KS1 SATS



We develop the knowledge and examination techniques to support your child in KS2 SATS.

We provide regular SATs practice papers for English and Maths.
Science can also be provided.
Your child's confidence will increase with their knowledge.

We provide weekly practice questions, alongside practice guidance in examination technique.

Pre-Sats KS2

We prepare pupils to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to support them in SATs development for Y6 achievement.

KS1 Sats

Much of KS1 SATs work is based on teacher assessment.
Tutors Today provide coaching in the types of assessment, alongside the techniques to succeed in the key skills of Writing, SPAG, Reading, Maths and Problem Solving.
These are designed to develop the understanding and skills needed.

Early Years & KS1

  1. Y1
  2. Foundation Stage
  3. Pre-School

Early Years


We develop your child's love of learning, confidence and knowledge to create a firm foundation for assessment in Year 1 and KS1 Sats, and long-term academic and social development.

Foundation Stage

Get School Ready!

It's never too early to being learning!

Studies show that the most crucial time in a child's development is the Early Years.
Learning in this stage sets the foundations for lifelong progress - not just academically, but socially, emotionally and practically.
That's why Tutors Today provide support for children from pre-school-age onwards.
Our programmes can guide your child through basic skills learning in Maths, Spelling, Writing and Reading.


Active-Learning sessions
We also offer structured play-based activities to build all-round skills development for younger children.

Rapid Catch-Up


Catch up lessons

For extra confidence and understanding we run rapid catch-up lessons in all areas of the Primary curriculum.

After an initial assessment, we can target the areas your child needs support in.

This can either be to improve generally, to boost as they go on to a new class, or for specific examination and targets.


We are delighted to offer additional academic enrichment study programmes for students who need to stretch their abilities to the full.


English / Maths Intensive

These core subjects are the foundations of the curriculum.

More stringent guidelines mean that proficency in Maths and English is a requirement for almost all university, job and apprenticeship entry schemes.

Tutors Today provide intensive support in Core Subjects, created to meet and exceed curriculum standards and guidelines. These assist pupils increasing confidence and ability with main subjects, bolster academic progression, and set a basis for life, work and extra-curricular skills.

English MATHS

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