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Additional Learning Needs

Every child loves to succeed and be rewarded for their success.

At Tutors Today, we know that every child and young adult is different.

We create individual learning plans for our pupils to learn in the way that best suits them, whilst providing the knowledge and understanding to develop the confidence to seek out further learning.

Tutors Today are experienced teachers of pupils with a variety of additional educational needs.

We have dedicated learning programmes for pupils diagnosed as being on the ASD spectrum, ADHD, Dyslexia, and MLD. We also specialize in nervous pupils.

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Piano and Music Theory

Tutors Today also provide Piano tuition, and Music Theory needed to support Musical Instrument Exams.

Pupils of all ages and abilities are welcome; for examination, performance or for personal or leisure.

We usually follow ABSRM syllabus to Grade VIII (8), however we can work with any board you are currently studying.

GCSE Music Support
We also offer support for GCSE music and History of Music.

Functional Skills

Tutors Today provide intensive, 1-2-1 support in Functional Skills and Basic Skills for all workplace, college and course requirements, including Maths and English.

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