We know that to have a teacher totally dedicated to your learning makes all the difference.

Tutors Today's speciality is personalised learning programmes.
We are a specialist tuition and mentoring service, run by experienced teachers and educators, offering individually-tailored tuition designed specifically for each student's learning style and academic needs.

Our aim is to develop all pupils academic abilities, whilst supporting and promoting their emotional well being.

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Primary Tuition
Exam Preparation and ongoing support
  1. 11+
  2. SATS KS2
  3. SATS KS1
  4. Entrance Exams
  5. Other Primary Assessments - just call to discuss
Catchup Booster

Catchup and Booster

Catch up programmes for all abilities and ages, as group or individual sessions
  1. Rapid Catch Up
  2. Y7-Ready
  3. Confidence Building
  4. Basic Curriculum Improvement
KS3 Tuition


Support across the KS3 curriculum
  1. 13+ Entrance Exam
  2. Core Subject Boost
  3. KS3 Assessments
  4. Y7 Programme



Group or individual sessions and activities, including preparation for Foundation Stage reading, spelling, phonics and numeracy challenges.
We offer both academic and play/activity based.
  1. Reading
  2. Writing
  3. Numeracy
  4. Speech and Language Development
  5. Spelling
  6. Get 'School Ready'!
  7. Problem Solving Play


We provide tuition for all GCSE examination boards, and IGCSE. We provide regular practice papers and assessments, alongside homework practice, as part of this course. Please contact us for updated details on subjects currently offered.

A-Level English

We aim to develop pupils' confidence in all areas of the English curriculum with a comprehensive breakdown of the assessment requirements of your course - alongside literary criticism, writing exercises, language revision, and textual analysis skills.
Regular examination practice papers for all boards, modules and requirements; and individualised homework.


College and Adult

Designed for colleges and adult learners
  1. Functional Skills
  2. Core skills support for vocational courses
  3. Support for college students, including GCSEs
  4. Workplace skills test core-subject support
  5. English and Language for English Learners

Additional Learning Needs

Additional Learning Needs

Dedicated and supportive programmes for pupils with educational support plans. Our tutors are very experienced in supporting children with a variety of additional educational needs, including

  1. Autism and ASD Spectrum
  2. ADHD
  3. Dyslexia
  4. MLDs and Complex Learning Difficulties



Programmes designed for developing reading writing and language skills.

  1. Rapidly developing confidence and understanding in all areas of English language, communication and writing.
  2. English Language Learning support


Extension Programmes

Dedicated academic extension sessions across our curriculum coverage areas.



Piano and Music, including Music Theory

  1. Piano (To Grade VIII)
  2. Music Theory
  3. GCSE Music Support
  4. Remedial music support

Excel in English

As specialist English Language and Literature teachers, we provide a variety of activities to enhance language, literacy, reading and speaking / listening for all ages to Undergraduate, including

  1. SPAG (Grammar and Spelling)
  2. Writing
  3. Basic English Skills
  4. Phonics
  5. Creative Writing
  6. Literary Criticism
  7. Poetry Criticism
  8. Criticical Thory starter course

About Tutors Today

Tutors Today was established by a dedicated team of senior teachers and academics, with vast experience in primary and secondary education as SATs and A-level markers and subject leaders.

We use this expertise to provide the best service for our pupils to achieve their goals, in a positive learning environment.

We are dedicated to enabling all students to reach their maximum potential academically,
whilst building their confidence, resilience and ability in the wider world.

Our Philosophy

Our mission is to provide high quality educational provision for
students of all abilities and backgrounds.

We create personal resources for each pupil and modify lessons in real-time, to achieve maxiumum results.

By designing individual study programmes, and working alongside a pupil's own style of learning, we seek to make all our pupils feel confident and relaxed about study, and to achieve their goals.

We seek to create confidence, resilience, study skills and a genuine love of learning.

Our individual programmes of tuition are created to suit your needs.

All sessions are carefully graded and tailored to each student's individual needs. This includes detailed curriculum planning, materials and delivery for every pupil.

We provide Indivdual, Group and Small-Group sessions.
Our group sessions include 1-2-1 pupil focus for each student.

All pupils have regular practice papers for SATs, 11+, Common Entrance, GCSE and A-Level courses. We aim for your child to develop speed, accuracy, confidence and understanding in their work.

We are experienced in working with multiple school curriculums, examination boards and entry requirements.

All tutors are fully DBS checked.

T: 0794 985 5845


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